Watch me close on the PHONE - Grant Cardone

I'm. Not I'm, not too important of a CEO whatever. That even means to not do this, because this is the lifeblood of the organization. My goal is to meet as many people in this planet as possible to see people that are positive people that have more time to create and to be critical, yeah grant cardone come on man, hey.

Let me tell you why I'm calling. Are you got you got? You got a second. I got two questions. You got a second okay. Second question: why didn't you buy our product. Why didn't? You buy a [ Music, ], [, Music, ] product, of course.

Of course, and what would that right time, what would that look like to you yeah, that's? Awesome a lot happening for a lot of people right now. I agree with that. Yeah. Let me ask you a question: what what do you when we get started in September? What do you hope that the product will do for you? You want more money.

You want to close quicker yeah. The exact exact reason you're. Giving me is the number one that's, crazy as crazy as Rincon's like Freudian. So so look look now let's say I get you I generate more leads.

We create a great culture and we close more sales financially. What would you hope for this to do for you? How much money would that quantify if I hit the top mark thirty percent okay, two to three million a month or two to three million a year, yeah? Okay, that's! Eight hundred thousand dollars a month yeah! So we got we got.

What are we in right now? It's just June 15th or 16th, something like that June July July August September. That's two months, two months, two times eight hundred. How much is that it's gonna cost. You a million six two wait.

If I guaranteed, we'd, make you a million six in the next 60 days. Would you start today, yeah? Okay, I'm gonna. Have my guy call you back all right? Let's. Do it? Okay, let's. Do it hey? Can I count on you to get started now? Yeah, you're, the man.

Thank you! [ Applause ]. Thank You Jarrett for giving me your dad [ Laughter, ]. No, that's, not Jared's dad, but but I mean look sometimes that's. All it takes [ Music, ]