Undercover Billionaire Goes Broke and Homeless

Yeah, my name's lewis. I was coming out. I'm, looking for uh uh, an rv actually, and i wanted to come out today. How late are you open? We're open until five o'clock. Okay, i'm gonna come out there and see you.

My name is louis curtis. All right, we'll, see you then, thanks before i can push for a million dollar business. I need to hit my goals this week to get some momentum. I need to quickly find key players in this town and get myself a payday.

I want to make three or four thousand bucks this week, so i can have a financial cushion and enough money to get my family out here by the end of this first week. I promise my kids, you'll, be out here and it's.

Also really important to me that i don't spend any of that hundred dollars. I'm broke, let's, make it official whether it's. A hundred or zero is no money. I have to meet people. I can & # 39. T think that ben franklin's.

Gon na be my solution because he's. Not i'm, not playing the money game. I'm playing the contact game contacts, equal contracts and contracts. Equal revenue looks like a family business. These rv places have three and four hundred beds in them.

I'm gonna go in here and see if i can score a place to sleep tonight, how's, it going. What's, your name right ryan! I'm. I'm louis. How are you doing louis ryan? Is the bucavick um. These guys are doing a documentary on pueblo, okay and uh.

I'm, just moving my family out from l.a, so they're kind of following me around. I said all right if they're here here in pueblo yeah and welcome to pueblo yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So this is, this: is an rv right.

Yeah it's, a recreational vehicle. Can you show me what absolutely and, by the way, if you're gonna live in pueblo, you're gonna have to try a slopper. It's, an open-faced burger. Stop it stop talking to me about food.

You know we're trying to gain some weight for you. You know yeah, i'm starving man. Look i got to find a place to sleep, but i can't just come at this guy. Like give me a bed, i can go in there yeah. Absolutely i've got to build rapport first.

I need to show him that he can trust me with his livelihood with his rv park and if he doesn't it's, going to be a really really cold night for me. So how soon before you get out here all i'm here now you're here now i'm here.

You're coming out here from l.a pueblo's actually got a lot of friendly people. It's, a family oriented place, it's, not expensive, to live well. That's awesome and that's. The cool thing about pueblo, so i don't know how i can help you.

I don't want a handout from anybody. No, i need a place to live. I need a job. I need money. What's? It needed here. What's needed here yeah? I have every single something, oh really, but um i just uh.

One of my good friends is: i mean he owns seven different businesses. Who is that his name is matt smith? Let me let me get that name before i forget matt smith. At snap, fitness matt smith is gonna, be the one.

I love that. I love that i'm here for a place to sleep, but if this guy will give me a bed and, more importantly, some names of players in this town, i'm, not gonna turn that down it's. Gon na get cold tonight, huh yeah, everyone knows someone that knows someone and they just got ta get to know me that i'm all right.

So are you gonna you're in your house right now, renting? What are you doing? No, i just got to town tonight just got down today today. It was this quick today, so i need a place to sleep tonight. Okay, as far as a place to stay - and i don't - i don't want a hand down.

I you know whatever i can do. I don't want. You know i can be security here clean up whatever you need in exchange. Okay. What do you think we can work out? My friend, you know i'll sleep in my truck tonight.

If i have to every other rv place is closed now. This is my one shot at a free bed. Tonight i don't want to come out of the gate. Failing i was terrified making that ask. I've asked for hundreds of millions of dollars at one time, and every time i'm still scared.

I can probably come up with a place to to stay for you. It'd, be in a trailer sitting outside better. When i got right now, it is tough to take a chance on just somebody, but i take a chance on every time i hire somebody here.

I just need like three nights that way. At least i know where i'm at tonight, uh. I think we can come up with something and then maybe we renegotiate later, what absolutely yeah absolutely - and at least this way it's occupied.

You got free security, basically sure he's respectable he's. Respectful. I'd, rather take the chance on the possible good. You can let's. Try to help somebody out. Why not dude? I cannot. Thank you enough.

Bro, like oh, my god, man, everybody thinks they need money. It don't take money. It takes courage, creativity and commitment, a place to sleep tight, so water works. No, it's. All right dude! I'm happy with it.

I got you a bed tonight, yeah yeah, that's, that's good enough for me, i'll hit a gym tomorrow morning and take a shower. So i want you to go to snap fitness yeah, which is literally down the street yeah talk to matt smith.

Okay, anybody can do what i just did anybody you saved my day, bro i can't. Thank you enough. The whole premise is based on one thing: people you have to meet people. You cannot get anywhere without people other people, he's.

Coming back out. Just let you know you got a meal tonight. Okay, stop it man, cat's, poor house best place to win to the bar. I got to give you a hug now bro go into the bar talk to candy. Okay, if i could help somebody, i'd, rather help somebody than not that's.

The way i look at it. Thank you, man, everything's, taken care of dude. You're. The man bro strangers have everything you want look what happened today, man, i got a place to sleep tonight. I got a meal, the guy put 100 bucks on on a restaurant down there and, more importantly than all that, because that is really important.

He knows all the business people in this town i just got in this afternoon and i made contacts you gonna meet enough people. You'll get lucky just like i did. [ Music ], you