Setting Goals and Targets for 2021 with Grant Cardone

Hey grant cardone here, and i want to talk to you about your new year's resolution. I know you're excited about 2021 right. Let's. Make this one stick! Okay! I'm, going to share with you some things that happen for people that maybe last year you didn't, stick with it remember.

Last year you were like gung-ho man, it's, going to be great. It's, going to be incredible: it's, going to be phenomenal. It's, going to be the best year ever and then covet hit. You have to understand.

The euphoria only lasts so long and that's. Why so? Many people break their new year's resolution. I know how hard it has been for me over my career to keep any kind of goal, because every time you and i make a goal or a commitment promise you this universe, that we live on this planet we live on, is going to test you and It's, going to test whether you're, just euphoric.

It's a temporary moment of oh, my god. I'm going to make this happen with no plan. So i want to share with you how to make sure that doesn't happen to you this year, so that you can create the success you need.

You deserve for your life, your family, to be the hero in your life. Look somebody's going to be the hero. Why not you it's? Why i like batman, somebody asked me they said hey, who's, your favorite superhero, i said dude batman is, and they're like.

Why is batman? Your super, your your favorite hero, because batman didn't have any special talents. Batman had the equipment, he had the commitment he went and got what he needed so that he could be a superhero.

I have no chance of being superman or wonder. Woman or robin or or spiderman i don't have any special gifts. Maybe you're like me. If you are, let me know in comments. Okay, do you have some special gifts or you? You have some superhero talents.

I don't and i never have, but i know this inside of me are things that i need and you need that we're all given that are available to us. That can make us super heroes in our lives, and that is commitment, hard work, dedication, courage, creativity, persistence as long as you have those things you're, never going to be broke.

So when you set your goals and targets this year for 2021 to make it the best year that you've ever had, i know you can do this. I know i can do it. So here are some tips that you can use to make sure that 2021 is the best year you've ever had number one.

When you make the commitment, specific commitments write them down. What am i looking for this year? I want to lose weight. How much weight this much weight? I want to make this much money great, how much money i want to bank this much money.

I don't want to just make money. I know people that make a lot of money end up with nothing. I want to bank this much money. Okay, i want to have uh some passive income coming in. So i'm going to make this much money.

I'm, going to keep this much money and i'm going to invest this much money. So i have passive income, be very specific when you write your goals and targets down and don't get lost in the mechanics. While you're writing them down.

I see a lot of people, they go to write their goals down and they cut them back by half and then a quarter and then a tenth of what they were actually capable of doing. And then what happens is by january 20th.

You wake up and they're like dude. I don't care about losing 13 pounds. It doesn't change. My life, i don't care about making another thousand bucks. It doesn't change. My life, i don't care about these things and the reason the euphoria wears off is because the goal is not big enough set.

Some big giant targets be willing to be disappointed. Dejected be willing to be uh, come up short on your goals. Look if i aim for the freaking moon, i might end up with the stars. You know what i'm saying so one make sure you write them down and be very specific.

Two make them monster monster goals that change your life little goals. You will not stick with massive goals that change your life and the lives of others. The reason i've accomplished so much in my life as i continue to set goals and targets for myself that don't just change my life, but that can actually affect the lives of my family.

My friends, my employees, my investors and a lot of other people, so i can start helping other people, and that gives me what i need the fuel that i need to make sure. I stick with my targets and my goals.

Okay, next thing, you need an accountability partner. You need someone that you share your goals with that will hold you accountable, a strong person, somebody, you respect a mentor, a guide, someone that you don't want to disappoint, or let down pick someone that you can have with you on your side That you can share, as often as you need to that your goals are this: your actions need to be that, and you did or didn't, handle those things.

Okay, and and have somebody in your life where they'll hold you accountable and say, look come on man. You're better than this. Let's. Go! Do this, i've, been using mentors my entire life, a lot of people don't know this at the age of 25.

I had a mentor that met with me every single day to check on me every day i made commitments. Every day that person met with me every day when i got into a sales game, i was 26 27 years old. I met with a guy every day to work with me on my sales game.

Every day he held me accountable. How many calls i made? How much training i did every day i have had accountability, coaches and mentors for 37 years, holding my hand holding me accountable at my back, pushing with pushing me when i needed to push pulling me when i needed to be pulled the last thing.

The last thing that will make sure your 20 21 goals stick and that you have the best year you've ever had. Is you need things that pull you forward once you have your coach once you have your big dreams once you have your schedule of exactly what you need to be doing every day, you need little things that can pull you forward.

So you're. Staying busy busy in action in actions moving forward things pulling me not pushing me things that are pulling me forward. Okay, i got a date as soon as this is done today. I got ta go. Do this at ten o'clock.

I did. I get done with that. I got something at 11. 30.. I need events pulling me forward. That could be an event unit. You're. Going to it could be a conference you're going to it could be a meeting you're going to a charity event, have things that are pulling you forward so that you're accomplishing every day, so that you're, proud of yourself, respectful of yourself.

You're, loving yourself, you're feeling good about yourself. Hey you want to add a bonus. Get up, beat the sun up every day. Get some rituals working for you. Every day beat the sun up every day: eat healthy every day, write this stuff down journal, work out, get in there and get the pump on every day, not because you want to look good, but because you want to feel good feel good about you january 1st.

Put it in action january 2nd, do it again, you do this for 21 days. I promise you if you just do what i shared with you for 21 days, get you three weeks don't miss a day. Have your accountability, coach? Have your goals write them down, get my 10x planner.

Okay hit me up right now. Tell you what best comment i'll, give you a 10x planner best, the first 100 people. With the best comments i'll, send you a 10x planner, just pay for the shipping, and i'll. Send it out to you.

I've, been using this thing for 20 years. It keeps me on track. It keeps me goal focused, it keeps me thinking big and it keeps me holding myself accountable and making sure that i achieve my goals this week this month this year and in my lifetime.

I want to help you. My legacy will be the people i helped. It will not be the car, i drive the plane i fly in or where i live, it will be the people i help. So please, let me know if this helped. You please subscribe to the channel.

If you like, hit the like button. If you don't like please, please tell me why: okay, hey god, bless you have the best year of your life. I'm. I'm pulling for you. That 2021 is a monster monster to next year.

Happy new year, foreign