Rappers, Ball Players and Artists - This Message is for YOU

Hey: hey, hey, hey, wait, a minute! Damn it damn it hey all you ballplayers! I just got off the phone with a ballplayer friend of mine. All you ball players, rappers DJs. I got a message for you grant cardone here you see this tick.

Tock er! You need a little closer Johnny you in tighten up. Oh you guys out there all you guys, buying your big vehicles banging up your rolls. Getting your Lambos got three or four or five cars buying garages and houses showing off your stacking up.

Your Richards got your little paddock the little one. I got the big one, collecting your Oh blows and you're, a PS and you and your whatever else, your rollies nonsense. So so dumb man. What are you guys doing? Okay, you got your big AMG, two hundred and forty thousand dollar Mercedes.

I got all that two guys. Okay, I got all that junk by the way men are the culprits of this problem way more than women. What are you doing? Okay? I never buy this junk. I got all this stuff, I got the cars, I got the Rollie, we got the dumb truck the dumb truck, not the dump truck.

I got the bird okay. Let me show you a little plain. I got a little little thing. I got you're collecting Lambos and I'm. Buying go streams. Okay, this is the model they gave me when I pay cash for the jet.

That was the last 550 sold by Gulf Stream in the world. Okay. Now, why am i all up in your today, because you're wasting money? You're wasting money on dumb. I'm buying the same stuff. The difference is how we're buying it.

Okay, you're buying out of earned income and I'm buying out a passive income. You understand the difference. You're busting, your ass, you're, a ballplayer, you're, getting all broke up, getting beat up getting hammered on a short term career.

What six years, seven years, eight years max you're, a rapper. You're out there freaking you out there boo boo, but I did good. I good I got you can just go attend yeah, you know traveling all over the world.

Man, your joints are all beat up. Your voice is beat up. You're using too many drugs. You can't settle down, can't spend time with the right. People can't build a family because you're traveling all over the world.

What 150,000 miles a year you going 200 nights. I know that's earned income, you get to earned income and then you go wasted on. You know what I do with my earned income. I buy buildings I own this building.

I don't rent here I own that building, okay, the building behind me I don't know if they can see that other big blue building behind me dude. I'm trying to buy that damn thing right now. Okay, now I got 7,000 units.

Today I'm bragging to you. I wish my daddy would have got up in my face, like I'm in your face today. Rather than buying Gucci belts and H belts, the omaze belt and chains and ropes and in bracelets okay here's, my bracelet for the day.

What I do is, I take all the money from my busting. My ass income earned income pay the taxes, so I don't, get wesley snipes all right, her Nicki caged stupid. These guys make all this money man and they end up having to go to jail or they got to file bankruptcy.

It's stupid. What are you doing? How many ballplayers go broke after they retired? Not because not because they retired, because they didn't plan for the retirement? You knew was gonna happen anyway, and they spent a bunch of money on i buy out of passive income, only seven thousand apartments.

Let me show you this building right here: okay, there's 250 units behind me. It's. Gon na it's, gonna pay twenty two hundred dollars a month for every person that lives in one of those units. Every ten to fourteen months, a person is gonna move out.

Somebody else is gonna move in. I want seven thousand of those. If there's cash flow from those seven thousand then, and only then do I buy something stupid. How stupid can you go well? How much cash flow is the answer you can go as stupid.

How stupid can you go? You can go as stupid as your cash flow as long as it's. Free cash flow, meaning passive income watch out, Johnny, okay, as long as it's passive income. This just watches thirteen hundred of these.

On the planet, thirteen hundred okay, the day I bought this, I bought it out a passive income, and while I bought this one, I stacked up another one right next to it two watches same week, both panics both nose and both out of passive income.

Now you can take this as bragging. You can say I'm obnoxious. We're, both obnoxious and both of us brag that's. Why you're watching this video right now, okay, cuz! You know you a damn bragger and you know you're bodacious.

Okay, and you know you like this kind of the question is how you gonna pay for it. I'm, not telling you not to buy the. I had a dude, but don't buy it on your time, but on the dimes time you know what I'm, saying: okay, you fighting slavery, man.

What you do is you get George Washington get ben franklin ulysses s grant got their faces on some dollars. What you do is get the money, pay the taxes and then get your earned income, invest it in real assets.

That makes you passive income. Get you some depreciation. If you don't know what that is, you might want to look it up. Get your passive income spitting out. So many baby ben franklin's, that you can do stupid.

Oh the time [, Music, ] and then and then you can fly private. Look it isn't showing off if you could buy it forever. Listen to what I'm telling you it's not showing up. If I die and my kids can still live like that - that's, the play dude okay, I could die today and my kids and my wife and my charities, wouldn't, know that I had died, quit doing dumb with your money Until you've done some smart stuff with it, then you can do dumb stuff with it.

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