New funnel to promote Easy1up in 2021. Passive Income Funnel Review.

Hey guys, tinabek with you in this video, i will show you my new funnel to promote easy one up in 2021. So let's dive in okay. This is the first page of the funnel. I call it passive income funnel and it's just in squeeze page, so people subscribe, and this will be the second page of the funnel so guys uh.

The main idea of this funnel is that you will not only be able to promote easy one up as your main passive income stream, okay, but you will also be able to build a couple of different passive income streams and, first of all, we start from click Funnels, okay, so you can import this funnel absolutely for free and actually uh.

This is how it works. You just register your clickfunnels account or, if you already have your clickfunnels account, you just import the funnel next step. You simply add your passive income streams and next step, you send your traffic into the funnel and you start building past multiple passive income streams.

Okay, so here again uh first video. I simply explain how the funnel works, but again it's very easy. It's only two pages on this in this video, i show you how to import my funnel and video number three is how you can change my affiliate links with your affiliate links and how you can save your athletic links.

Okay, also, i give you access to my actually aweber campaign. It's like one week, letters for one week and you get it also absolutely for free. But again, if you need like, if you feel like you need help with setting up the funnel just click, this button pay this small amount and i will help you to install the funnel.

Now let's, go back to the passive income streams, so the main passive income stream is easy one up, but we start from a smaller, smaller passive income stream, and this program is called um ava. It's, automated virtual assistant.

Okay. Why i decided to include automated virtual assistant guys, you probably know what that when you promote easy one up and you don't have let's, say um higher package. Okay, all your money in in most cases will go to the upline okay to your sponsor, for example, if you just bought 25 bucks package or 100 bucks package, so it's, not the the best way to promote is ivana.

This is why you need something else, and before this before is one up, you will have possibility to join ava. You may join for just 100 bucks, okay and you'll, be able to make up to 200 bucks, okay with ava just watch this video to learn what it is all about and join.

If you want to now, we're going to uh passive income stream. Number two is easy: one up: okay, uh! You probably already know that this is very popular program. So when the guy clicks this button, okay, he will be redirected to my page again to join my team.

But again when you import the funnel, you will be actually changing my affiliate links with your affiliate links. Passive income number three guys it's. A udemy udemy is actually the marketplace where people buy and sell traffic.

Okay, it's very popular, and the idea is is very simple. So when you join udemy, you get affiliate link. Okay, you just put your affiliate link here: okay and when people join udemy using your affiliate link and start buying traffic, you will get 15 commission okay.

So this is how actually you will start getting your traffic for free, okay, eventually and the last uh step. Number three: it's when you actually customized your funnel. You just click to register uh.

You registered all the passive income streams, uh changing the links, and now you're ready to buy traffic, just click the link and you will buy your traffic now again. The main idea and the main difference of this funnel uh from, for example, mike's funnel or dvd funnel tv details funnel, is that i promote uh.

I allow you to promote you actually so see not sure. Do you have more questions? Ask your questions so at this moment, this uh button leads to link leads to my facebook profile. Okay, but again when you import the funnel for free okay, you just change my link with your links.

Okay and uh, you will be promoting your facebook profile. You'll, be promoting your facebook group and voila okay, so, as you can see, it's only two pages inside of this final and it's very, very powerful, because the funnel allows you to build.

First of all, your click funnels referral, okay, uh click, funnel space 38 bucks per referral per month, and when you have 100 click funnels referrals, you will be making up to four thousand bucks from click funnels per month in recurring passive income, which is actually not bad.

If you ask me okay, so this is why i built my final funnels on the basis of click funnels, because every time i give my funnel for free, i just promote my referral affiliate program, okay from clickfunnels, and you'll, be doing the same.

So guys, if you like the idea, if you like the funnel actually just give me some comments, likes don't forget to subscribe to my channel and also um make sure to join my facebook group to meet like-minded people.

I will talk to you later: