Most Inspirational Speech of All-Time- Grant Cardone

Every business I have five companies now will do a hundred million this year. I started every one of those companies with no money: zero money, man just hustle and grit and courage. I've called on people.

I didn't want to be with I've done things I didn't want to do okay, it is not about doing what you love it's about doing whatever it takes to make your dreams A reality to be closed and stay close. If you're, not a closed on your product, if you're, not buying your own product, why would you expect anybody else to leave? Four hundred bucks is a lot of money.

Your prospect says to you four hundred dollars: do it listen to me man, you're 32 years old, you've, been trying to save money for twenty years in your head. Do it and do it now I don't need anything special here.

I'm, not gonna be empathetic quit being stupid, write the check I don't know if the compliance guy likes that or not, but I know this look if you believe in what you're selling, how many Of you believe in what you're selling, then close.

The deal then close. The deal, okay, learn to close, and you'll, never be without work. You'll, never be without money. You & # 39. Ll have an organization that is booming and athletes. You'll have a pipeline full you & # 39.

Ll. Have appointments filled up right? I call it. A group called me yesterday. I'm, actually trying to do a deal with CNBC and the guy says I'm interested. I said good, I'll, be there tomorrow. Call me back.

I'm flying into New York tomorrow. What am I trying to do right now by the way I was supposed to be here? I'll fly into New York tomorrow. I can be there tomorrow, mr. Ackerman, okay. How does that work? I can't.

Do them all. I look to you and I'm trying to close. Let me close the deal I'll figure out to be in two places at one time later right, some of you in the room they're like yeah. I could see it four o'clock on Tuesday right and the customer says to you.

I'll, see you at four o'clock music minion. Look at my calendar like, like you're, so busy dude that is so old that is so old. It is dishonest. It's, dishonest man. You want to see me to sleep 4, o'clock.

I give you Tuesday, at 4, o'clock. Really done done. I'll. Call you! If something changes, if there's, an earthquake between now and next Tuesday, Tuesday 1 and there's, a massive earthquake and I can't, be there, do you think everybody understand commit first figure, the rest out later close The deal right now fill your calendar up.

Your calendars got the devil all over it white space on a calendar and you will meet the devil. You don't need to die. Okay, you go two or three days. You have anything going on. How many of you start having Dallas your inhale, just gonna work? For me, there's.

Nobody coming in, I'm, not going to hit my target okay, I know what I'll. Do I'll lower my target that's a criminal? Never ever you're, taking notes, never lower a target, never lower target, never lower target your mom and dad would tell you to lower a target.

A manager might tell you to lower target, be reasonable, be reasonable yourself, just bring it down a little bit. No man criminal products are created like that. A guy sees a girl that he wants, that's, the girl she says no, he goes to another right gave up on his dream.

You're gonna give up on your own dream. How you gonna build an organization [ Music, ], [, Music, ]