How To Stay Inspired

Hey hope everybody's doing well. This morning i am in beautiful. Oh my god, look at this huh got my girl with me. You got your mask on no, she dropped the window um. We're in malibu this morning. I just finished doing this crazy project and uh got my girl with me.

My family's down here, and this is where we it all started for us. We started in l.a. So, look you're watching this this morning, you're, like what am i watching. I just want to challenge you to go to the next level in your life and we came.

We go on trips to get inspiration to like hey. What can we do next? What can we see? Next, like we're gonna go look at homes today, and somebody says i thought you didn't believe in buying homes. I'm.

Like i didn't say i was buying a home. I said i'm, going to look at homes. They're inspirational, they're, inspirational, okay, homes are inspirational, locations are inspirational. They challenge you uh.

Maybe one day i'll, go rent a yacht and stay on a yacht and be inspired by that possibility and the cost of it. I'll, be burdened by the cost of spending two million dollars in a week on a yacht and traveling around with it and having it.

To my my myself now i'm, saying that to you to say to you: maybe you don't want a yacht. Maybe you don't houses don't. Do it for you! I don't know what does it for you, but you need a challenge. Okay, you got to get challenged.

You got to keep challenging yourself to go to the next level. I just finished doing this project. It required me so that i could stay under cover, so you can see how the my hairline, because i use my right side of my brain and it fertilizes my hair - grows faster on the right side, but um this fertilizes, my brain too.

This gets me excited right, uh. We're here in malibu at the pier we rented a house for the next two weeks. It's, just going places where you get inspired. Will you challenge yourself to go to the next level? I'm, going to do a 10-day challenge.

I've, had my staff asking me to do this for a while, and i'm now. Finally, free that i can do this, it's, going to be 10 days one hour a day. It's completely free. I would love for you to come to it. If you're seeing this at this time, maybe you missed it by now, when you see the video, but if you click the link below you'll get the date you & # 39.

Ll know where to sign up you & # 39. Ll know what to do, and i'm going to come to you. I'll, bring it to you. 10 one hour challenges each day we'll. Do it 10 days in a row because you need time right to create discipline.

Time creates discipline, repetition, creates confidence, and then what happens is when you do that. You create consistency and without consistency, nothing matters, but look. If you're, not dreaming to go to the next level, you're, not going to go there, no matter how hard you work con, how consistent you are, how disciplined you are or how inspired you? Are it don't matter like you, can wake up every morning beat your chest and say i'm the greatest i'm gonna be the greatest, but look if you're not being challenged and Not dreaming and not showing up and not building the discipline and then not having the right strategy.

It won't all come together. I know that because for years of my life i knew i could do more, but i didn't know that malibu was here. You understand, i grew up in lake charles louisiana. I didn't know there was a coast over here where holmes uh a 1500 square foot home could be five or six million dollars.

I had no clue what it takes to actually have the american dream and everybody throws this american dream thing around. America dream the american dream, but but they're, not even dreaming, so in this 10 day challenge.

What i want to do is i want you. I want to help you one get your mental right, the dreaming. What do you actually need? What are you actually capable of? What is your purpose on this planet? What is the legacy you're not to leave right? What is your deal? I don't know what your deal deal.

I know what my deal is. Okay, i don't know what your deal is. I don't know what your destiny is, but i know you have one we. I truly believe each of us has a destiny that is greater than what we're. Achieving right now and if you believe that and you're - not getting that join me for this challenge - man, it gets cool here in the mornings.

Join me for this challenge join me and let's. Make this happen. Okay, it takes a commitment, some imagination, some courage and all you got to do is show up. You just show up. I'll. I'll share everything with you.

I'm, going to bring my friends on i'm, going to bring some celebrity friends. I'm, going to bring some of my special guests. I'm, going to bring some experts in i'll, be there every day, 10 days 10 days in a row completely free to you.

It's called the 10x challenge. You can go to forward, slash challenge. If you saw this in time, but i wouldn & # 39, t wait! Okay when it fills up it fills up and when it's over it's over.

So i don't. Have i can & # 39? T do this forever and i can't do another one this year, so don't miss this one. Okay, this is a game changer. This is a really really important year in our lives. It's been a tough year for a lot of people, a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress people got sick people lost their jobs, companies are going to go bankrupt and then, on this flip side of that there's.

Other people who've, been like whatever dude, whatever's going on is going on. I got my game, i got my challenge. I got my destiny, i got my potential and i got to make this happen so, whether it, whether whether you want the right business or the right money or the right, physical conditioning or you want to go, live in a different part of the world or you Want the right girl, you want the right family life whatever it is, you want.

It is possible. Okay, her and me is examples of what is possible. Nobody taught us this. We went and figured out how to get the american dream. Actually, not the american dream, our dream: it's, not really the american dream, this your dream.

What's, your dream and all that requires is for you to decide hey. I can do more than i'm doing right now that's either true or it's. Not true forget about where you work forget about your money. Problems forget about the debt.

You got forget about the two kids. You have, and you're, a single mother or single father. Forget about all that, just for a second. What's? The dream, because the rest can be figured out, despite all the obstacles, the challenges, the problems, no matter what you can figure it out, we did we're, not we're, not special.

We're just special now because we figured it out, so we get to live a special life, but you deserve the same thing and and your kids, your parents, man, i just - can't get. I can't stop. Looking at that view, god dang so inspirational, we're going to wake up to that every morning.

For the next two weeks tell me that to change us, but guess what that costs money. Nobody's, going to give you their oceanfront house to live in for two weeks. I mean they will give it to you if you pay them so look.

I can help you fix the money game. I can help you figure out what the business is. I can help you scale the business i can't get you to show up. You got to do that. Okay, click, the link below or go to grant cardone.

com for slice challenge, fill out. The information and just show up 10 days one hour each day for 10 days, give me 10 hours and i'll change the rest of your life. Okay, god bless be great. I'll, see you at the 10 next challenge.

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