How to Change - Grant Cardone

If your business owner, you have to see the future, if you're an entrepreneur, you have to look forward to into the future what's going to happen next, if you're driving a car, it'S responsible to look ahead.

Everybody agree. If you're skiing down a mountain, you might want to keep your attention out in front of you. If you're riding a motorcycle, you might want to not pay attention to right where you are, but where you're, going pay attention to the future.

What dreams and goals do you have that are more important than the money? You have invest money to hit your targets quit telling yourselves lies about money exchange money. The only purpose of money is to exchange money for time and connections.

The only reason you have money is to exchange money for time and people. You need people, folks, you need people, man, you're, going to grow your business with people, people that work for you and people that you sell products to be so obsessed with the idea of freedom and making a difference that you will do anything.

Anything I'll go into debt. I'll spend my last dollar. This is how you're, going to be successful. Folks, I'll, borrow money for my mom, a bar from my dad, a bar from from family members. I'll, go raise money, I'll, go beg on a street corner, I'll, go, sell t-shirts and hats failure after failure.

I'm obsessed so much with my freedom that I'm. Willing to talk to people, even if I'm, an introvert okay, I'm willing to go talk to old people. If I'm young, I'm willing to go talk to young people. If I'm old, I'm willing.

If I'm out of work, I'm willing to go. Take a dumb sales job just to get my feet back. Underneath me become so obsessed that everybody's late. What's wrong with you, man, you change it! You change it! How many of you want to change two things? If you want to change number one, you got to change you want! You want to change a little bit change a little bit.

You want to change a lot change, a lot to change. You got ta change and number two. You have to learn how to talk to people. You got to learn how to communicate. You have to learn how to stand on a stage and communicate.

Maybe it's, not this stage. Maybe it's, not thirty. Five thousand people, maybe it's. One person that's a stage your house is the stage you're, going to talk to your spouse. Your business is a stage you're, going to be talking to the Treasury Department, selling them.

Stop the madness. Stop the madness we're, not going to save money. Here. We're gonna make money. Here we're gonna go get money here. You're gonna have a stage with your lawyer. Your lawyers, gonna, say don't.

Do it stop the madness your lawyer dude, I'm running a business. Tell me how we can do it. I don't ask for your's and accountants for business advice record the data you're, an accountant. Do the job you're, the lawyer.

Let me run the business into the ground. The game we're gonna run it into the ground. We're gonna. Do it, France play not the lawyers way and not the accountants way. Two things you got ta do to change folks, you got to change and you need an audience.

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