Grant Cardone Coaches 14yr Old on How to Raise Money

You go meet one of my young family members who's. This man probably good to meet you dude gonna meet you. I'm starting a hedge fund, and I really want to learn so come on man. Let's. Take a picture. How do you know? How do you follow me? Cuz I mean I've, followed you for a year.

How old are you man, fourteen that's? Awesome? You're, my favorite nephew man that's awesome, so you got a business plan. Yeah come on in here. Man come on in here. My mom give them a free coaching session.

You call it white gratefulness City rate leads a vision. Is a vision of a deaf person, I mean the dream would be from vision of an investment right. What do you live over there and every damn that come here and like um my time loop is oh yeah yeah, so I yeah.

Would you think you said hey I mean like you're, the coolest guy ever. Oh thanks you! How long you been following ty and I've read just on be sold and I really want to like read other books yeah, but my mom got mad at me because I have all these books that I haven't read yet, Like section more money than God and other stuff thinking garbage, I mean I read that one yeah yeah you should you know you want to start a hedge fund.

You already have right. I mean you really already started in your mind. You've started. So so what do you think the next step is and to network with people yeah you're trying to get like people. I know yeah yeah, yeah yeah.

So look I mean I'm trying to UM. I'm. Trying to amass capital by trading, so I mean it takes a lot of time to do. I'm, hoping start the hedge fund, like it was. What are you get right? I've, a thousand thousand.

I mean I made a hundred dollars in like a week, so what I would do right now, what's, your full name, Pablo Pablo? What I would do is, I think I would use the 10x formula. I would say: okay, I & # 39.

Ve got a thousand bucks right. Now I put the white rate Holdings on hold for a second like like, even though I I can grab an idea and say: okay, I'm just gonna I'm gonna push that off. I'm, not quitting on it.

I'm just gonna hold it out in the future, push it out a little further and what I'm gonna do because it's, not real to me that you're gonna go Out and get high net-worth individuals to give you hundred grand what I would do is I would like, if you are in a shark tank, they're gonna say how much money have you raised, how much 20 of you? So I would have a short term target right now.

I'm gonna take a thousand bucks and turn it into ten grand. So I want you I want to see you go, buy a thousand dollars of something and go resell it and turn it into ting Ram. What could you or or maybe just do this just bank 10 grand you know, take the next four weeks and go work? A street corner go wash windshields, go wash cars, go wash cars for free and see if you can get hundred-dollar tips.

You know what I'm saying so let's say. Let me see I'm in carts. You have to do let's, go see if you can, because if you're going to handle high net worth individual estate, you need to go to people that have nice cars and say I want you to wash your car for Free, I'm the best in the business.

Nobody watches. No teenager washes our car better. All that better than I do, and by the way I'm gonna, do it for free and they're gonna say no, you can't do anything for free. You want to give me some at the end you can.

I'm gonna, do it for free, so let me see how many ten thousand dollars that's. Our goal, no, not thousands! Our goal divided by 100 bucks. You need 90 cars, ok, / / you go to school during the day. You need to do 22 cars a week about 7 need to do 3.

Quarts a day you go. Do mine for free! You're mine for free. I'll, give you 100 bucks when it's done yep. Okay, in fact, all you got to do is just clean. My wheels don't scratch anything no matter. The rags got to be clean, the whole time.

The buckets got to be clean. You go. Do clean mine, clean my get him out of here. Man go get my hundred go, get my car clean, my wheels off. Okay, just my wheels get a rag, get some water make sure there's! No rocks in there don't ever put that rag down on the ground.

Okay, clean the wheels I'll, give you a hundred bucks, [ Applause ], my dad, your dad shoes, I mean I made a hundred dollars by selling junk socks like chair there. You go your goal right now. What you don't need that man to zero.

What eight life you don't need a coat on your bone man. They want to get to it, they can get to it. We're. We're sputters, so look man any way you can hundred dollars. You need ninety people to give you a hundred bucks, shake their hand, make them feel good.

Give them a back rub. Make them do something. Okay, let's. Go in hit it, how was camp 14 years old man coming to me, man when I was 14 years old, don't know it lost okay, look! If you got a kid lost, got a nephew got.

Somebody needs me, an intern. You got a school that you want me to come speak to. You got a college kids in college. You know their loss, they're, not even studying they're drinking more beer and they're consuming knowledge.

Anything not gonna do to help your kids. Sometimes it takes an outsider to help the kid more than a dad. Her mother can't. Okay, come on you, [ Music ], you