Best way to make $100 per day online in 2021📈Passive Income Guide For Beginners.

Hey guys, she never back with you well. Would you like to make thousand bucks per day online with affiliate marketing huh good question? Probably you would so. This is why i please watch this video until the end and you just need to take action and follow the steps.

Okay, so the story of this guy, the guy name, is mark, and i just met him recently and his story is actually amazing. He was actually a millionaire before he got broke. Okay, so he had this period. Okay, okay, i'm, a millionaire and after that hope, and he lost everything.

Okay, he just needed to create the system that uh be sustainable enough, okay and not to get down again, okay. So this is why he spent some time and money: okay, uh, probably uh - to invest into his new knowledge, and so he created this system.

So the system called uh thenx uh, the name, the guy's, name is uh actually mark and mark actually will explain you a bit later what it is all about and how actually uh he came to this system, but uh what you will get From me, okay, if you buy this training again, you will just spend a small small amount of money to buy uh access to his training area and, as a bonus from me also, you will get access to uh.

Two exclusive bonuses see the missing piece and the secret weapon. Okay, i will show you actually where mark and his friend james are getting his traffic from. So you would not need to spend another 197 bucks for this okay.

Another bonus from me. You'll, get access to a traffic bonus bundle. This is actually a collection of some of the best uh free trainings from the top affiliate marketers about how to get free traffic.

Okay, so all you will need to do is just implement the system which mark will show you inside of his training area, and you will need to have a traffic. So this is why i decided to share with you these two bonuses, and also please don't forget to take a look at the fast action bonuses again, which you will get free access when you act now again take a look.

These are the results uh mark and his um uh partner. James are getting like on a regular basis. What this could you? Could you actually imagine what it could do for you for your life? If you would have access to this? Okay, so again guys just take action and again but first i would very much like you to listen to the mark's story.

So let's dive into it all right, g'day guys. How are we going? It is mark barrett here first up on behalf of my partner, james fawcett, i'd, like to say a massive massive thank you for stopping by and checking out phoenix look.

I am super bloody pumped to show you this uh. It's, one of my babies, one of my absolute favorite methods, um and look honestly, i'm. Just i just can't, wait to show you, okay. Look! I'm sure you & # 39.

Ve got a ton of emails, uh telling you to come and check out phoenix. So let's just dive straight in and tell you what it's about okay, so phoenix is um. My brainchild, my product, that i've, built that allows me to um, essentially make a thousand dollars per day each and every day non-stop as an affiliate.

Okay. Now i know that sounds like big numbers. I'll. I'll back it up in a second, and we & # 39. Ll show you, okay, we are honestly all about being open and transparent and showing you live proof. Now.

Um phoenix was built for a very specific reason. Okay, so probably about uh. About three years ago i was flying high okay, those of you that have been around for a while know me um. I was making a million dollars a year in my online business.

You know things were flying. I i spent stupid money on whatever you can think of. I did that okay um and then inevitably, what happened um after a series of bad investments - and you know a couple of different things.

Essentially i lost everything guys. I mean everything that i thought was important to me. You know we're talking sports cars, bloody local, brick and mortar businesses um. You know, i essentially went bankrupt and i actually even ended up back at work and you know we went through some pretty tough times i came.

You know i came from. I was a true rage to riches story and then i went rags to riches to rags. Again and um you know it sucked. It was tough for me to swallow. Like i said, i ended up back in a day job i put my family through.

You know some really tough times, and you know after about three months, i've, been in the day, job and and working and licking my wounds sulking. Basically, i decided enough was enough and i had to build a system that would never ever.

Let me down again: okay, um look! This is what i want to do. I and i have been doing it for years again now, thanks to phoenix as work from home. Okay, i have three kids number four on the way um, you know, i love the time.

Freedom that this business allows me and this beautiful phoenix product can be run in 30 minutes a day. I get it get in make my thousand bucks a day, get out and go and play with the kids, or you know sunday today watch some sport whatever it is that i want to do.

Okay, now guys, like i said it was very important to me to build a system that wouldn't. Let me down: okay, after after losing everything um, i was very jaded and you know very um sour at the business you could say, because essentially, i think making it in the first place was great, but losing that hurts even more, especially after you'Ve got a fat taste and i got a fat juicy taste to this business.

Okay and i had to have it back so i went about building a phoenix system, took me a few months of trial and error to figure it out. Obviously i had a lot of experience to rely on. It was more about my head, getting my head right and ready to run the business again and then i just built this simple system.

Okay, now you'll, see like i said we, we run this at about a thousand bucks a day. Okay, so i'll show you live proof of my one of my affiliate accounts. Now until i get it, it's a bit hard to get it right, but there you can see it is the weekend.

So those days are a little bit lower. So today, 605, yesterday 646 last seven days 6600, which will pop up to seven grand after today's done, and last 30 days you can see - is 33 000. Now that's, us dollars as well.

Okay, that's. What i run the business numbers off so for aussie, that's a bit more for me, but you can see we're averaging a thousand dollars a day using the phoenix system and, like i said it, takes me 20 minutes a Day once you first set it up, will probably take you about half an hour um, and it takes me about 20 minutes a day to run the system in its entirety, and then we just get out and do whatever it is else we want to do for The day, okay, importantly, a good product needs to be able to teach people how to do it as well.

Okay, so naturally um i recorded up all the steps did everything i could and then i sent it over to james to see what he could do with it. And here's, a quick look at what james was able to do with phoenix as well.

Hey guys, i'm just going to show you some results that i've, been getting using mark's, fenix method and how i've generated results. Since you know, in the last couple weeks now, i'm just going to give you the results that i've gotten in the last week, or so that's been pretty stellar and it like, when we're talking about, like you, know, 1k paydays.

This method truly does work, and i'm. Pretty grateful that mark's been able to share with me. So, as you can see here, uh we're drip. We've, driven some traffic to the the method that mark's provided, and i've done nearly you know nearly 8 grand in sales just alone, using the phoenix method now um.

The way that mark has set it out is pretty, you know pretty stellar, so i'm, really grateful to be able to do this because you know before this i was you know. The breakout code method was great, but you know i was also looking for something different so being able to implement this one's, pretty special um.

Now i'm just going to go through um, where you know 7 900 there. I'm just going to show you a bit of paper. Proof that i & # 39. Ve still been able to draw down some pretty serious numbers using phoenix um, because, obviously you know you want to really sort of like um know that that you know that this does work.

So i've done nearly over. Like you know, last time i was thinking, i saw that 150 grand now i've, really been able to push that an extra 30 grand penning earnings. 5500. I forgot 3. 200.. Now i only just did a what withdrawal yesterday too.

So we're just going to go and have a look here. Um and, as you can see here, i've done some like you know, four grand here, four grand there, four grand four grand four grand. So you can see my withdrawals there guys, so this method does continually work um when you do say about 1k paydays.

It really does allow you to do some life-changing stuff and being able to implement. This system has been pretty surreal. So um thanks. Very much mark appreciate it and i look forward to pushing this phoenix method further.

Thanks mate, that's. What i want for you, okay, i want you to have the ultimate the ultimate time: freedom, money, freedom. You know i want that security in your life as well, that's. Why i created this product for you, okay, so guys 13 bucks.

You got to waste 13 bucks on something stupid this week anyway, you might as well pop in have a look at phoenix and see whether it's, going to be exactly what you've, been looking for. Okay, so guys that's about all, i have okay, i want to say again a massive massive thank you for jumping in um.

Look. The ball is in your court. Now, um it's up to you to make a decision, whether yeah or not, for 13 bucks. I know what decision i'll be making. So i look forward to seeing you on the inside cheers.